AESP Spring Conference & Expo 2016

Evaluators and Implementors will share their views on the rapidly changing energy efficiency sector


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Vision 2.0/2.0 – Evaluation & Implementation 

Implementers and evaluators from all over North America will share their unique perspectives, experiences, best practices and, most importantly, lessons learned on the rapidly changing and diverse worlds of energy efficiency program implementation and evaluation. The conference will also focus on strategies to integrate evaluation and implementation into the planning process to achieve incrementally better outcomes in residential, small business and large C&I programs and highlight unique evaluator and implementer collaborations.

DNV GL will present two papers and moderate one session:

Ben Jones: Perfect Strangers: Evaluators Working with Implementers    

One of the biggest challenges in energy efficiency program evaluation is providing evaluation findings which can influence program design and delivery in a timely manner. Program implementers often state that evaluation findings come too late. In some cases, the evaluation findings point to issues the implementers have already addressed. In other cases, the findings are still relevant but are difficult to implement because program designs and delivery mechanisms are already set in place. Learn how program evaluators and implementers can overcome these problems through closer collaboration and faster delivery of evaluation findings.

Gomathi Sadhasivan: Cracking the Code: energy efficiency insights from the overlooked commercial sector   

Energy efficiency potential and strategy studies show that the commercial sector continues to offer enormous opportunities for cost‐effective energy efficiency improvements. Greater opportunities can be tapped by improving on‐going energy management processes and linking them to long‐term capital improvement efforts. Hear results of a national survey of commercial facilities and managers who are on the frontlines of energy efficiency. The survey probes respondents on their current energy management efforts, goal setting, tracking progress towards goals, implementation of energy efficiency measures, and external assistance sought to implement retrofits and achieve goals. The speaker will also shed light on the value placed on energy efficiency at the facility and central corporate level, as well as the perception of respondents on how energy efficiency efforts relate to other business success measures, such as employee retention, operations efficiency, and their financial bottom line. 

Karen Germain, Moderator: Session 1B, Implementation