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Bow tie analysis and organizationl barriers - Barrier Management - Synergi Life

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    Rayong, Thailand

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    Kameo Grand Hotel

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    Free of charge

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Join our Synergi Life seminar on barrier management!

Global incident statistics shows that the Oil and Gas (O&G) and process industries have been largely successful in improving occupational safety, but conversely less successful in improving process safety / major accident performance.

The safety level of our industry is still not at a level acceptable to us, our stakeholders and to the public. Accidents and incidents keep reminding us that we have to stay focused and that safety work is a continuous process. How companies respond to safety challenges is seen as proof of how well organized, structured and even how competitive they are in their market space.

Main reasons to join:

DNV GL continues to work closely with our clients in order to help them manage risk, secure operational efficiency and optimize their return on investment. This seminar will focus on how your company can adopt the Barrier Management approach to better manage your risk, quality and safety processes in a consistent and structured way. Our goal is to provide participants with adequate knowledge and insight to identify relevant areas of improvement in their own organisation. And provide a vision of how modern software solutions can be a means to bring change and improved results in both occupational and process safety.

Barrier Management seminar

Rayong - 14 July

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  • 09:00 -09:30

    Registration and coffee with refreshments

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  • 09:30 -09:45

    Welcome address and introduction to Red Basket

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  • 09:45 -10:30

    Dynamic barrier management – Unlocking value and enhancing decision making

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    Tom Arne Bakken

    Head of Section, Risk Advisory

  • 10:30 -11:00

    Coffee break

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  • 11:00 -12:00

    Securing operational stability through holistic risk and QHSE management - Introduction and demonstration of our Barrier Management Module

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    Ravi Muthiah

    Regional Sales Manager

  • 12:00 -13:00


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