ECEEE Industrial Efficiency 2016

Going beyond energy efficiency to deliver savings, competitiveness and a circular economy.


Sophie Chirez Sophie Chirez
Head of Section, Sustainable Energy Use Europe

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Speaker: Sophie Chirez, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Energy Use Europe
Date/Time: Wednesday 14th September at 10:00
Presentation title: Why Energy Management in Industrial Organisations needs a Refresh?

Most industrial organizations in Europe have now evaluated and improved their energy performance through the implementation of energy audits and energy management systems (ISO50001 and others). The gains in energy efficiency are important and yet there remains a potential for energy savings, even for the most mature industries. Why despite a European context promoting energy efficiency, especially through the Energy Efficiency Directive, are energy savings not being realised?

The industry needs to constantly challenge itself; some organizations are taking the first step in this questioning process. Being able to carry-out self-examination allows new ways of practice, where the consideration of human behaviour and its impact on energy efficiency is key.

But how to encourage behavioural change in the industry? How can organizations integrate this aspect in the current management of the organization while pursuing the implementation of the initiatives initially identified?

In this paper, we will show how adopting new ways of working and by accepting behavioural change as an essential component to the organization’s success, industrial organizations can achieve sustainable energy savings. This paper will present an industrial case study of an organization that ‘questioned’ their energy consumption and developed and implemented a behaviour change program.

Bio of presenter:
Sophie Chirez holds a M.Sc Engineering, specialized in Electro-Mechanical. She spent 13 years working for the Royal Dutch Shell Company (Dowstream operations) with experience mainly in sales/planning operations & marketing. She was managing the relationship with several industrial OEM’s. Since joining DNV GL in 2010, she assists companies, organizations and governments to implement operational strategy plans to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency and carbon/energy management. Sophie works on ISO 50001 training and implementation projects and is involved in the development of a service focusing on behaviour change to achieve energy savings in energy intensive industry and is now actively working on the implementation of such programs, called Energy Culture programs.

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