Fleet performance and hull degradation seminar

Together with our partner Jotun


Wai Pong Ivan Tam Wai Pong Ivan Tam
Business Development Leader

Event Information

  • Dónde:

    Hong Kong

  • Lugar de celebración:

    United Conference Centre, 10/F, 95 Queensway

The event is created for our customers who want to work on improving fleet and hull performance, cut their fuel bills and reduce emissions. The seminar will take place on February, 24th 2016 in the United Conference Centre, Hong Kong.


  • 15:30 Arrival and coffee
  • 15:45 Building blocks of Fleet Performance Management
  • 16:15 Hull performance strategies – what coating can do
  • 16:45 Assessing hull degradation – the advantages of CFD
  • 17:15 What is ECO Insight – scope and case study
  • 17:45 Snacks and get-together

If you would like to take part in this seminar, please contact Wai Pong Ivan Tam at ivan.tam@dnvgl.com for further details.