IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting 2016

Energy Storage: An Introduction to Technologies, Applications and Best Practices


Sudipta Lahiri Sudipta Lahiri

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Electricity storage

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Energy storage is becoming an attracting solution for today's smart grid, either being operated independently as asset or interacting with other resources like wind/solar generation or demand response. This tutorial will provide participants a solid understanding on the basics and the state-of-the-art energy storage application, its implications on the grid's reliability and the system's economics and how-to on evaluating its performance and cost-benefit. Instructors with diverse background on this subject will bring the field deployment experience of energy storage applications and the real-world example to demonstrate the analytic tools in assisting the utility planning and operation decisions. The course is suitable for non-technical, as well as technical audiences, including regulatory, legislative, and utility staff members.

Instructors: Dr. Hamid Zareipour, University of Calgary, Dr. Sudipta Lahiri, Distributed Energy Resources, DNV GL Energy, Dr. Michael Klinberg, Senior Consultant – Energy Advisory, DNV GL – Energy, Dr. Ramteen Sioshansi, the Ohio State University