Innovation Club of Paris & Co

DNV GL will host the Open Innovation Club for major French and Norwegian companies.


Hans Axel Bratfos Hans Axel Bratfos
Global Service Area Leader

Event Information

  • Dónde:

    Høvik, Norway

  • Lugar de celebración:

    DNV GL headquarter, Høvik

The “Open Innovation Club” is an initiative dedicated to fostering business relationships between startups and large corporations. Organized by the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and hosted by DNV GL, 30 major French companies will come together to visit Høvik to learn about the innovation process and how small innovative companies can create and bring innovation to the market.

The day will begin with presentations from the French companies on innovation and technology processes, followed by a 20-minute presentation from DNV GL’s Global Head of R&D and Innovation , Hans Bratfos on some of the DNV GL projects that are currently ongoing. There will also be discussions and presentations from other small businesses in Norway.