Pipeline security workshop and joint industry project information session

How can illegal tapping and sabotage be prevented and detected?


Ana Paula França de Souza Ana Paula França de Souza
Principal Pipeline Engineer, PM
Onshore pipeline

Event Information

  • Dónde:

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Lugar de celebración:

    DNV GL Rio office

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    Free of charge

Illegal tapping of pipelines is a global problem that costs operators million of dollars each year. In addition to being a costly problem, this also poses a high risk to safety, the environment and a company's reputation.

DNV GL is hosting a stakeholder workshop and joint industry project (JIP) information session to evaluate the issue of illegal tapping. 

The pipeline security workshop will promote knowledge sharing and discussion between pipeline operators on how illegal tapping can be prevented and detected. New repair and inspection technologies will also be discussed. 

In addition, we will present the pipeline security JIP, which scope (first phase) is to evaluate and analyse all aspects of the illegal tapping problem in order to establish best practice and effective solutions to reduce the problem.

Workshop agenda

Day 1:
  • Detection and response to:
    • Existing illegal tapping installations
    • Illegal tapping activities underway
  • Illegal tapping prevention
  • What is done today and what needs to be improved
  • Discussion on the main problems and related solutions
  • Preventive measures
  • Conclusions & next steps.
Day 2:
  • Open day (presentations to be confirmed).
To attend, please contact Ana Paula França de Souza (Ana.Souza@dnvgl.com).