Scottish Renewables Storage & Systems Conference 2016

The Scottish Renewables Storage & Systems Conference 2016 event provides an opportunity to hear from experts on energy systems and storage on how we can ensure a bright future for renewables and create Scotland’s energy system of tomorrow, today.


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Proud to support
DNV GL are proud to be sponsoring Scottish Renewables Storage & Systems Conference 2016.

Presenting expertise
Experts from DNV GL will showcase Energy Storage and Systems expertise during this conference.

Session chair: Paul Gardner, Segment Leader, Energy Storage, DNV GL – Energy
Date/time: Thursday 30 June 2016, 13:30-14:45
Session: Plenary 3 - Realising the benefits: communities and consumers
Session overview: Communities and consumers are expected to play a more prominent role in a flexible energy system. How then do we ensure that distributed energy systems, local renewable generation and the deployment of energy storage can benefit Scotland’s communities, empower consumers and be cost-effective? What is the role of innovative projects in making our energy system work for its end-users?

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To pre-book a meeting or for any further information, please contact contact.energy@dnvgl.com.