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    Key Biscayne Miami, FL

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    Ritz-Carlton Hotel

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Registration for The Energy Executive Forum 2017 is now open. Learn more! 

Change comes about gradually. Until it happens suddenly. 

We’ve seen this phenomenon in multiple sectors across the global economy. Driven by regulatory movement, enabled by technology and the universal access to information.

It’s happening in Financial Services. Telecom. Transportation. Healthcare. Carrying some to great heights. Catching others by surprise. Companies we could never have predicted are now some of the most valuable on earth. Others we thought would be around forever have simply vanished.

And now it’s coming to the energy sector. You can feel it. You know it’s true. So how do you navigate those shifting waters?

At DNV GL, we believe that no single organization has all the answers in this new energy ecosystem. We believe that bringing together adjacent and unexpected players with distinct vantage points — across retail energy, regulated utilities, big business, and clean energy — will collectively produce remarkable conversations. Beneficial alliances. And real market value.

This convergence — coupled with access to proprietary research — is something more than just another conference. It’s an invitation-only opportunity to maximize your ability to take advantage of the new energy future.

Break from tunnel vision to take in the panoramic view.

Four key sectors are grappling to define the way customers make decisions about data, energy, telecommunications, equipment, IT and security — Distributed Energy Providers, Big Business, Competitive Energy Providers, and Regulated Utilities. This convergence is happening now, and will only accelerate in the coming years as businesses embrace new models and customers adopt the new platforms that will become ubiquitous. The Forum was structured from the ground up to create interactions between business leaders representing each of these sectors — plus others from unexpected industries — to help spark new thinking. While the common benefit for those attending was to see further and reduce risk, attendees in each sector found value unique to their specific challenges.

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The New Framework

Not only did we reimagine the energy future, but we also reimagined the event experience. The new structure offered integrated panels, interactive master classes, networking events, and keynote speeches from respected business and industry leaders.

Reimagining the Panel

Forum Panels


View our interactive agenda and download our PDF printer-friendly version.  

Integrated Research and Insights

Our dialogue was enhanced by incorporating insights gleaned from proprietary industry and customer surveys performed by DNV GL experts and J.D. Power. This information informed and framed discussions throughout the Forum. In addition, Forum attendees were the first to learn about this critically important research on the state of the energy industry and the wants and needs of customers. 

Event Experience

Attendees at this year’s Forum were able to customize their event experience, with an expanded mobile app, collaborative and innovative Master Classes to provide deep dives on targeted subjects, and access to the full market for broader insights and networking. 

A 2016 Energy Executive Forum Summary is coming soon. Stay tuned!