WEBINAR - Stability analysis of ships and offshore structures

– Introducing the new stability tool HydroD 5


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Sesam HydroD software for hydrodynamic analysis

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In this DNV GL Tech-talk webinar we will demonstrate how you can do stability analyses using HydroD 5. HydroD 5 is an all new application as part of the Sesam software suite. In the webinar we will describe the new developed software, how it can be applied and how it will increase the confidence level in your results.

Time of webinar:

- 9:30 PM Beijing /Perth / Singapore time
- 10:30 PM Busan (South Korea) time


  • Overview of the new application
  • Import of models for the analysis
  • Compartment handling and ballasting
  • Load case and damage definitions
  • Stability analyses and code checks
  • Reporting 

The webinar will first give a general introduction to the new product HydroD 5 from DNV GL - Software. With this tool you can efficiently do stability analysis using the same models as you may also use in hydrodynamic and structural analysis in Sesam. After the introduction two practical examples will be demonstrated. The first case will be a transport analysis for a heavy topside module. Topics included will be equilibrium computations including ballasting, definition of intact and damage conditions and execution of stability analyses and corresponding code checks. The second case will be an analysis of a semisubmersible including demonstration of how to perform a MaximumKG and watertight integrity analysis.

Learning objectives:

  • From this webinar the attendee will understand how a modern user interface can be used for efficiently performing and controlling all aspects of a stability analysis
  • All the typical stages in a stability analysis will be described and demonstrated
  • On a more detailed level the attendee will learn how to efficiently to modifications to the model, rerun the required analyses and create reports


HagSung Kim: HagSung Kim is currently regional manager for software business in Korea and Japan and also being in charge for managing of software business development, cooperation with internal & external relation. He holds MSc degree in naval architecture and has 14+ years of experience on hydrostatic and structure engineering of ship and offshore structure in field.

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