WEBINAR – Wind resource assessment in cold climates – challenges and mitigation

Learn more about wind resource assessment uncertainties in Northern Europe by attending this exclusive webinar


Carla Ribeiro Carla Ribeiro
Head of Department - Project Development UK & Ireland

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Webinar Reduce cold climate wind resource assessment uncertainties in Northern Europe

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Wednesday 1 June 2016



The performance of turbines in cold climates may be significantly reduced by ice accretion on the blades. The magnitude of production loss has been seen to exceed 50% during winter months, and surpass 10% over the course of a year. Therefore, the impact of icing is a challenge for developing and operating wind farms in such regions.

Similarly, icing may substantially reduce wind data availability during the measurement campaign. This increases the uncertainty of a project’s wind resource assessment, with consequences for project finance but also for the cost of the measurement campaign itself.

Cold climates are also known to have a high frequency of stable atmospheric conditions, resulting in complex flows which are not well captured by most wind flow model techniques, and that may also impact turbine performance.

Having conducted 10 GW of pre-construction assessments in Scandinavia and Finland, and analysed operational data from over 20 wind farms across the Nordics and numerous due diligence exercises, DNV GL is well placed to propose mitigation measures to address challenges and reduce the uncertainty associated with developing wind farm projects in cold climates.


This webinar will focus on the challenges faced by wind project developers in Northern European countries, such as Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltics, particularly exploring the quantification of available wind resource. We will present potential mitigation strategies to reduce the uncertainty in the quantification of the wind resource, including:

  • Icing:
    • Meteorological and instrumental icing of instruments during a measurement campaign.
    • Operational production losses.
    • Benefit of icing prevention systems (de-icing and anti-icing).
  • Cold weather driven atmospheric stability:
    • Challenges to wind flow modelling and the benefit of stable CFD.
    • Impact in turbine performance.
  • Brief discussion on use of remote sensing in a pre-construction measurement campaign.

This webinar is highly beneficial for wind analysts working in the Nordic/Baltic region or looking to invest/develop projects in cold climates. It will also prove useful for non-technical staff looking to learn more about wind resource assessment related issues.

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