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Strategy implementation - Improvement Management - Synergi Life

Strategy implementation

The Improvement Management software module supports your company’s strategy implementation and continuous improvement process. As a response to changes in core conditions, demands and other requirements, the software will help you manage systematic improvement studies and plans, ad hoc initiatives and improvement ideas.

Improvement process software

  • Ability to evolve and stay ahead of changing core conditions, customer demands and stakeholder requirements
  • Collection and management of improvement proposals for a process, product, working practice or strategy for individuals or organizational units
  • Better results through systematic and continuous improvement
  • Built-in reports, analysis tools and dashboards 
  • Clearly see expected gains, due dates and responsible people
  • Flexible reporting, aggregation and data management through web or mobile interfaces

Progress monitoring with the Improvement Management software module

  • Action plans and implementation strategies become transparent throughout the organization
  • Identification of responsible people, progress monitoring and automatic alerts 
  • Achievements and gains from the improvement process and investment are easily monitored
  • Built-in report and analysis tool
  • Flexible lists, advanced searches
  • Communication internally, to customers, suppliers or to external stakeholders