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Improve plant safety and reduce cost by optimizing your risk based inspection strategy


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Synergi Plant - RBI software for risk based inspection

Risk based inspection - RBI 

With the Synergi Plant - RBI modules you can improve safety and potentially reduce costs by optimizing your inspection strategy to focus resources on high risk areas. The RBI modules are based on the extensively used risk-based inspection methodology. Synergi Plant - RBI comes in several variants: RBI Onshore, RBI Power Plant, RBI Offshore, RBI AST and RBI Bespoke.

What you get with Synergi Plant - RBI software

  • Includes methods for qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative RBI
  • Standard RBI modules supporting API 581 and DNVGL-RP-G101 methodologies
  • Bespoke RBI module allowing definition of criticality content, damages and their attributes, rules and formula to derive probability of failure (POF), consequence of failure (COF), risk, and inspection plan
  • Standard and user-definable risk matrices
  • RBI-specific dynamic dashboard
  • Enables you to evaluate and justify inspection budgets and set inspection targets
  • Helps you demonstrate effective return on investment
  • Qualitative analysis can start at a high level and gain detail as more data becomes available
  • Detailed calculation of consequence of failure, probability of failure, financial risk, cost benefit, and optimization in quantitative modules
  • Multi-language capability

RBI Onshore module

RBI Onshore implements the API 580/ API 581 RBI methodology with qualitative and quantitative approaches and some extensions. The methodology applies to various types of vessels (separators, columns, drums, storage tanks etc.), pipes and pressure relief devices.

RBI Power Plant module

RBI Power Plant implements the API 580/ 581 methodology for conventional thermal power plants. It provides extensions to allow modelling of the specific power plant asset hierarchy and degradation mechanisms such as creep and fatigue. This includes three-level assessment (screening, level 1 and fully quantitative assessment).

RBI Offshore module

RBI Offshore implements the DNVGL-RP-G101 methodology for topside process assets on offshore structures such as jacket platforms and FPSOs. It is a multi-level approach (from qualitative to quantitative) and consistent with API 580. It includes detailed consequence models specific to the offshore sector, such as escalation modelling.

RBI AST module

RBI AST (for atmospheric storage tanks) has standard RBI modules supporting API 581 and EEMUA 159 methodologies. Users of Synergi Plant - RBI AST can run various scenarios, quantifying influences of inspections in addition to operation and design parameters. The software includes methods for semi-quantitative and quantitative RBI and helps decision-making on methods and frequency of storage tank inspections and repairs. Calculations include consequence of failure, probability of failure, financial risk, and inspection optimization with quantitative modules.

RBI Bespoke module

The RBI Bespoke module is configurable and allows implementation of RBI methods that do not follow standards such as API 580, API 581 or DNVGL-RP-G101. This module has a modelling and formula engine which allows you to implement bespoke models for consequence of failure, probability of failure, risk matrix or inspection planning rules and recommendation library.